You Say Gravy, I Say Béchamel – Low Carb (1 Net Gram), Gluten-Free

Image: Bechamel/Mornay Sauce with Fresh Sage served over Chicken Saltimbocca

What makes this version of the basic French white sauce (Béchamel) different is heavy cream is used in place of milk and gluten is not used as the thickening agent. Here the thickening agent is the heavy cream itself flavored with a bit of cheese and enhanced with an abundance of fresh herbs you add to suit your tastes. The French call this addition of cheese to the Béchamel a Mornay sauce. I call it delicious. Continue Reading

Cheating Myself on Cheat Days and Weight Management

Image example cheating: from the film documentary, "Supersize Me"

When you look up the definition of cheating it is defined as ” Acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.” I had to ask myself what was the so called advantage of having a day where I gorged, grazed and wolfed down whatever I wanted and expect that there would not be any consequences later on. Yet I did it, over and over again expecting different results each time. Continue Reading